All Purpose Cleaner

All Purpose Cleaner

2.5 Gallon Cleaning Kit

All Purpose Cleaner is the ideal cleaner for general-purpose cleaning and degreasing power at your fingertips. Just spray it on and wipe clean. Leaves no residue. C-PAK ALL PURPOSE is a concentrated cleaner that provides effective, economical cleaning. Safe to use on any washable surface including stainless steel, polished aluminum, latex painted surfaces, wood, vinyl, plastics and most fabrics.

What's a CPAK Cleaning Kit? 2.5 Gallons of super concentrated cleaner in a neat, space saving box. Each kit contains a quart spray bottle and safety data sheet, and makes up to 128 quarts! So simple. Fill empty spray bottle to line with concentrate, fill balance with water. Shake to mix and you're ready to clean! 

Each Cleaning Kit Contains:




Directions for Use: Counters, surfaces, walls: Dilute 1 part concentrate with 13 parts water (2 1/2 ounces concentrate per 32 ounce spray bottle). Shake to mix. Spray on surface and wipe or rinse. Floor Cleaning: To clean quarry tile floors, mix 4 ounces concentrate with 1 gallon of water. Apply to floor, allow to penetrate, then rinse. For waxed floors, use only 1/2 ounce concentrate per gallon of water, mop floor with solution, then mop again with clean water. CAUTION: Excessive concentrate of this product may dull or deteriorate floor wax. Concrete: Mix 4 ounces concentrate with 1 gallon water, apply to concrete, brush or mop surface, then rinse with clean water. General cleaning: Mix 1 part concentrate with 12 parts water, apply to material to be cleaned, then rinse. Do not use on painted automobile surfaces or delicate fabrics. Always test inconspicuous part of material to be cleaned before using this product.


*2.5 Gallon Cleaning Kits Ship FREE to all states excluding: Washington, Oregon, California, Hawaii and Alaska. For these excluded states, normal shipping rates will apply.

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