NEW! Konqur Cleaning Product Line

Chemical Dynamics has served customers in the industrial business for over 30 years. Because this market is so vast, we worked for years to perfect our industrial cleaners so that they are of the best quality with smart prices. Industrial companies and private clients have often come to Chemical Dynamics for their custom jobs during our 30 years of operation. We saw the need for a line of products that would work for virtually any consumer base. After piecing together all the best aspects of our industrial cleaners, we have created a product that is easy to understand with generic titles and simplified instructions. KONQUR. It’s tough, easy to use, diverse, economical, and it’s the best on the market right now – it’s that simple. For more information, contact us.

  • Made in the USA
    Proudly produced in Ruston, Louisiana since 1986.
  • Fair Prices
    We keep our costs low to keep prices and more importantly margins competitive for you.
  • Excellent Service
    We stay in business when you sell, and we want that to be as easy as possible. From promotional materials to joint customer visits, we provide support to help you find the right solution for your customers toughest cleaning needs.
  • Awesome Products
    After 30 years of product development, we are absolutely confident you will be happy with the KonqurTM line